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Number of current members as of the cycle date.
This is a capital adequacy ratio that measures total assets (less other liabilities) to total shares. A ratio over 100 means that a credit union has enough assets to pay all obligations to creditors and members, if liquidation occurs.
This Capital Adequacy ratio measures net worth in relation to total assets. Net worth cushions fluctuations in earnings, supports growth, and provides protection against insolvency. The rate of net worth growth should be commensurate with the levels of risk and asset growth.
This is the annualized year-to-date percentage change (growth) in total Net Worth Capital.
This is the annualized year-to-date percentage change (growth) in total assets.
An earnings ratio that measures annualized YTD net income in relation to average assets. This ratio measures the efficient utilization of assets to create profits YTD. A positive ratio indicates that earnings were sufficient to cover the institution's cost of funds and operating expenses(including for loan loss expense) as well as providing a profit. For State, Regional, State and Peer Class groups, the aggregate statistic is computed by summing net income and average assets across credit unions within each group and calculating the ratio.
This is the annualized year-to-date percentage change (growth) in total loans.
This is the annualized year-to-date percentage change (growth) in total deposits.
The most common interest/dividend rate paid last quarter according to the dollar volume of business
Charter Number 67190
Address PO Box 8046
City Madison
State WI
Zip 53708
Phone 608-243-5000
Fax --
Website www.summitcreditunion.c
# of Branch Offices 38
 # of Members 189,854
Number of Full-Time Employees 575.50
Host Computer System Vendor  
Homebanking Vendor  

Total Assets $3,510,554,716.00
  Solvency Evaluation (Estimated) 115.49
 Net-Worth Ratio 11.52
Net Worth Classification by NCUA Well Capitalized
 Net Worth % Growth (Annualized) 9.76
Total Loans $2,878,856,994.00
Total Deposits $2,584,212,361.00
 Total Assets % Growth (Annualized) 17.76
 Return On Average Assets (Annualized) 1.12
 Total Loans ($) Growth % (Annualized) 6.92
 Total Deposits ($) Growth % (Annualized) 20.13

Home Banking Via Internet Website Yes
Wireless No
Home Banking/PC Based No
Audio Response/Phone Based Yes
ATM Automated Teller Machine Yes
Kiosk Yes
Other Yes

Member Application Yes
New Loan Yes
Account Balance Inquiry Yes
Checks Ordering Yes
New Share Account Yes
Loan Payments Yes
Account Aggregation Yes
Internet Access Services No
View Account History Yes
Merchandise Purchase No
Share Account Transfers Yes
Bill Payment Yes
Download Account History Yes
Electronic Cash No
Signature Authentication Yes

Real Estate Loans Yes
Member Business Loans Yes
Risk Based Loans Yes
Direct Financing Leases No
Mortgage Processing Yes
Overdraft Protection Yes
Overdraft Lines of Credit Yes
ATM/Debit Card Program Yes
Interest Only First Mortgage Yes
Insurance/Investment Sales Yes

CREDIT UNION DEPOSIT RATES (Most Common Rates Offered As of the Quarter-Ended)
 Checking Rate % 0.00
Reguar Savings Rate % 0.10
Money Market Rate % 0.20
Certifificates of Deposit Rate % 0.50
IRA/KEOGH Rate % 0.75
All Other Savings Rate % 0.55

CREDIT UNION LOAN RATES (Most Common Rates Offered As of the Quarter-Ended)
Unsecured Credit Card Loan Rate % 9.90
All Other Unsecured loans/Lines of Credit Rate % 11.25
New Auto/Vehicle Loan Rate % 4.49
Used Auto/Vehicle Loan Rate % 5.04
1st Mortgage Real Estate/Lines of Credit Rate % 0.00
Other Real Estate Loans/Lines of Credit Rate % 0.00
Leases Receivables 0.00
All Other Loans/Lines of Credit Rate 0.00